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Heraditak Monokulyar Монокуляр Monocular 20-60x80 + Shtativ + Phone Adapter

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  • 08/08/2020 20:11
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SVBONY SV28 Spotting Scope with Tripod and Phone Adapter Waterproof Angled Eyepiece Bak4 Prism for Target Shooting Bird Watching Hunting Gifts

Have FMCVariable 20x to 60x focusing system; SV28 spotting scope has a powerful zoom magnification range from 20x to 60x power; meet your different observation needs makes it easy to zoom in on target; Waterproof and fogproof shooting spotting scope for optimal performance in the harsh weather80mm large objective lens; 80mm diameter objective lens can gather light needed for viewing in low-light conditions like dusk or dawn; Achieves superior light transmission and bright wide view45 degree angled eyepiece ergonomic design allows more comfortable viewing; An angled eyepiece is ideal for people who often view upward from a lower vantage point;Come with smart phone adapter; It enables you to take photos and videos of what you have observed; Share happiness with your friends and familiesBAK4 Prism and FMC lens; The lens are all fully multi coated and features BAK4 roof prism to confirm superior light transmission and brightness for optimal crystal clear viewing even for law enforcement applications; There are wide range of applications; including: Architectural design survey; shooting range; outdoor shops; safari; eco-tourism park; university community; natural classroom; design and construction; construction managementThe upgraded thickened and elongated Tripod interface base; which makes the tripod's interface in the center of the bird scope's mirror; thus improve the instability; Comes with tripod support 360 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical swivel
Dynamic lens focusing system
Zoom in on target depending on the different environment and different requirements
IP65 waterproof and fogproof
Even in harsh environments, it can effectively prevent water droplets from entering
Extendable sunshade
Reduces glare; shields the objective lens from scratch; damage and raindrops

Package Includes

1x SVBONY spotting scope
1x universal cell phone adapter
1x carrying case
1x lens cover
1x eyepiece cover
1x lens cleaning cloth
1x tripod

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SVBONY 20-60x80mm Zoom Spotting Scopes Telescope SV28

Svbony Spotting Scope Zoom 20-60x80mm Telescope


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