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Terms of Use

Dear visitor, we are pleased to welcome you to the website of free announcements Full.am

By posting an announcement on Full.am, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions.

By posting an announcement, you are solely responsible for its content. The website reserves the right not to publish or remove inappropriate content from the announcement.


Rights and Obligations of the Parties

All information and materials posted on the Full.am website are protected by copyright and are the property of Full.am. They are not subject to publication, copying, distribution, reproduction, withdrawal, storage, transfer. No part of the website and the information contained therein may be used for commercial purposes.

Using the services of Full.am, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the content of your publications, you have all the necessary rights and permissions to post this information, including trademarks, licenses and trade secrets, as well as relevant permissions from all persons mentioned in the content of the announcement.

If you publish incorrect contact information on Full.am or use the website under a different name, we reserve the right to provide your contact information to the party, which has suffered loss, its representatives or law firm.

Responsible persons of the website have the right to move the advertisement from one section of the website to another, taking into consideration the content of the material.

The website representative has the right to delete the announcement without any explanation if he notices that the user does not follow the rules for using the website.

The website administration is not responsible for any damage, loss, cost and expense that may arise as a result of using the website.


It is forbidden:

* Place the same announcement several times in the same or different sections.

* Include links to similar portals or email addresses in the announcement.

* Include items or services that violate the RA legislation.

* Offer jobs or disseminate information related to the financial pyramids.

* Offer work, services and other content that violates ethics.

* Use HTML codes and other obscure characters in the announcement.

* Place announcements exclusively in capital letters or use special characters that will distinguish your material from the general list.

The website administration has the right to change the above mentioned rules at any time without notifying users.

Dear visitor, be careful, we remind you once again that you are responsible for the announcement you have published.

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